Little café.
Big heart!

Moon Rabbit is a sustainable social enterprise café from community organisation the Bridge.

Why we’re doing it

It’s an opportunity to create practical training opportunities for learners with additional needs, to complement our vocational training. We also wanted to create an income stream to support our community programs that are currently underfunded, such as Laneway Lunch, which feeds 40-60 people each Friday. This year we’ve launched a pilot program called TTT – Tiered Training & Transition. TTT provides young adults with a tailored work-readiness program, four days a week for 26 weeks, with classroom-based training, ongoing support and practical placement at Moon Rabbit and other Darebin workplaces.

Sustainability at the forefront

We’re aiming to eliminate single-use plastic at Moon Rabbit. That means:

  • No disposable takeaway cups. BYO mug, borrow a pre-loved mug from our collection – sourced from community members and op shops – or purchase a Moon Rabbit reusable cup.
  • No plastic takeaway containers. All takeaway food is served in paper bags, cardboard boxes and glass jars.
  • No plastic drink bottles. We sell cold drinks in glass bottles, and customers can refill their own water bottles at Moon Rabbit for free.
  • No plastic drinking straws. Paper straws will be provided on request.

We’re also avoiding single-use cardboard carry trays. Cloth carry bags are available for purchase at low cost if you need to carry more than one coffee.

What’s a moon rabbit?

The moon rabbit is a popular character in Asian folklore, known for its kindness and generosity of spirit, that watches over us from the moon. If you look closely, you can see the image of a rabbit pounding a mortar and pestle in the moon at night.

Look, Ma, we’re famous!

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