Catering & Events


We can provide a delicious assortment of food and drinks for your events, meetings, workshops and celebrations that is seasonal, playful and colourful. Each order that you place with Moon Rabbit – whether it’s a fruit platter or multi-course feast – directly supports the training programs within our café and community programs at our parent organisation, Bridge Darebin

Like our café menu, we apply a zero-waste approach to catering to ensure that not a crumb is wasted before it arrives to you. Any food scraps produced are added to one of our three on-site worm farms or sent out to one of our wonderful, local community members who compost them at home. 

And we can provide compost bins, reusable cutlery and fabric napkins with your order (additional fees apply) to make sure nothing is wasted at any stage. 

If your special occasion calls for a bespoke menu, please contact us. We’d love to work with you to create something extra-special, like one of our seasonal grazing tables or zero-waste canapé packages. 

We can provide staffing on request (subject to availability) and our mobile café – Moon Rabbit On the Hop – is available for events, functions and festivals, too.