Sustainability at the forefront

Moon Rabbit was the proud winner of the Sustainability Award at the 2019 Darebin Community Awards.

These are some of the measures we’ve taken at Moon Rabbit to help the environment:

  • We don’t have disposable takeaway cups. BYO mug, borrow a pre-loved mug or glass jar from our collection, or purchase a Moon Rabbit reusable cup.
  • We don’t offer plastic takeaway containers. All takeaway food is served in paper bags and glass jars (or BYO container), and we serve food and drinks in ceramic plates and cups with proper cutlery to customers who dine in at the café.
  • We don’t sell drinks in plastic bottles. All of our cold drinks come in glass bottles and aluminium cans, and customers can refill their own water bottles at Moon Rabbit for free.
  • We don’t have disposable carry trays. Cloth carry bags are available for purchase if you need to carry more than one coffee.
  • We don’t have plastic drinking straws. Paper straws are available on request.
  • We use an enrich360 Food Waste Dehydrator that converts any unavoidable food waste onsite and overnight into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. In turn, this fertiliser goes to our garden beds and the local community for garden plots & community gardens. They provide us with fresh herbs to use in the café and catering in return.
  • Our coffee is delivered in large, refillable tins by Padre Coffee, which we return for reuse.
  • We reuse leftover drinking water to water our plants.
  • We work with Melbourne Food Hub, an organisation whose mission is to create a replicable model of a self-sustaining Food Hub. It is a grow, source and eat approach, supporting small local farmers. 
  • Our catering services can be delivered 100% waste free. 
  • We take reusable containers to Preston Market to purchase our cheese and meat.
  • Our fruit and vegetables are delivered in cardboard boxes, which we return to our supplier, and we’re working with them to eliminate any produce arriving in plastic packaging.
  • We hand-stamp our loyalty cards and business cards on reused cardboard.
  • We wash and air-dry our laundry – tea towels, cleaning cloths and bread bags – on site to conserve energy.