Who we are

Moon Rabbit is an environmentally innovative social-enterprise café brought to you by not-for-profit organisation Bridge Darebin, which has been serving the Darebin community since 1982. We’re reimagining hospitality by putting people and the planet first.

The Moon Rabbit team is a vibrant mixture of staff, trainees and volunteers. Your coffee might be served by the manager or by a trainee in their first week on the job. We appreciate your patience as we teach our craft and share our passion with the next generation! 

Who we serve

Moon Rabbit is a training site for students in our Bridge To Work (previously TTT) program, a tailored work-readiness program with classroom-based training, ongoing support and practical placement. These students are young adults with huge potential who need a bit of extra support to get started. In our first year we trained 26 students through the TTT program, and in 2019 this program won the Victorian Learn Local – Creating Local Solutions Award. 

Moon Rabbit serves the Darebin community by providing an income stream for Bridge Darebin’s underfunded community programs, such as Laneway Lunches, and by providing affordable, accessible food. 

We love to serve you! Whether you’re a regular or infrequent customer – or you supply us with herbs from your garden, take our excess Enrich 360 fertiliser home for your gardening needs, donate glass jars for our takeaway coffees or volunteer your time and expertise to help our enterprise – every action from our community is noticed and appreciated. We could not do what we do without your support.